Desi Chickpeas

Desi Chickpeas are grown in Pakistan, India, Iran, Bangladesh, Mexico and Ethiopia. These have the small and darker seeds with rough coat. Desi Chickpeas are also known as Bengal Gram or Kala Chana or chhola. Desi Chickpeas have higher fibre content comparing to kabuli and is good for blood sugar problems. Desi Chickpeas are also used in making of Chana Dal by removing the coat and making it split.

Kabuli Chickpeas

Kabuli Chickpeas are cultivated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chile and India. These chickpeas have larger seeds, lighter in color their coat is smooth. Kabuli means from Kabul, actually this variety was brought from Kabul, Afghanistan, that’s why, is known as Kabuli or Safed Chana. This chickpeas variety is grown in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Mediterranean.

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