About us

Alfalah EnterprisesĀ is fully integrated company. We have expertise in acquiring paddy to producing the finished products ready for theĀ Super Market shelves. Experienced staff works very closely with local farmers to provide Quality approved seed and maintains close contact and give admire on best practices. There are over a thousand farmers who supply to the mill. This supplier base is increasing year by year. Effective quality control measures are taken to maintain quality throughout the supply chain.

Alfalah Enterprises is checked on arrival for the quality of purity, Length etc. Random testing for My cotoxins is also carried out. Once the paddy is accepted for quality, it is dried using the latest Alvan Blanch driers with 45mt/h capacity. The paddy is stored in Brock Silos with temperature and aeration control. This allows paddy to be stored in optimum conditions for longer term storage.

Commodities & Description

1- Super Basmati Brown, White & Parboiled Rice
2- Basmati Rice (PK 385 etc.) White & Parboiled.
3- Non-Basmati Rice (IRRI-9, KS-282, Kainat – 1121 etc.) both White & Parboiled.
Our processed Rice Super Basmati Brown or White is free from infestation, fungus /aflatoxin and free from genetically modified organisms, Dry grains of de-husked rice, cleaned, color sorted and graded prior to packing.
We are mainly engaged in the export of Super Basmati Brown Rice to various corporates in Europe for more than 10 years and the quantities exported are substantially large. We are willing to take the challenge of quality specs, as we are meeting with the European criteria in this regard.

Finished Product Standards To Conform To The Parameters Below:

  • Product to be free from odor and taint and to produce cooked rice of excellent organoleptic properties and of a clean white appearance when milled.
  • Rice is guaranteed free from all GM material and contaminants.
  • Rice is free from the presence of the 14 Major Sensible (food) Allergens.
  • Rice Conforms to all aspects of the EU & UK Food Regulations.


Post production and before stuffing into containers a suitable effective fumigation treatment is carried out without fail that is legally allowed in Pakistan. This treatment is formally recorded and periodically verified as being effective. The rice is also to be fumigated with correct levels of Aluminum Phosphide once stuffed and loaded into containers, prior to the containers being loaded onto the vessel. All containers are to be loaded onto the vessel with the Aluminum Phosphide still in the container.

Specification Verification

Pre-shipment inspections to be carried out by an international agency of repute and only on approval should the shipment proceed at buyers cost. Approval or otherwise should simultaneously be advised to seller and buyer by the Agency. All of our shipments to Europe & EU are subject to clearance from either Cotecna, Eurofins or SGS and therefore, it is our normal routine to get our consignments approved by internationally accepted Quality Control Agencies.

Marketing & Export

The key products marketed include local bulk trade of rice, export of brown Basmati rice, export of Basmati & Non-Basmati white rice, export of parboiled rice, export of branded rice and facilitating branding for customers, which include concept development, printing & packaging.The markets created by Alfalah Enterprises include satisfied customers in Australia, UK, Holland, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Mauritius, Seychelles etc.

Procurement, Transportation & Storage

The procurement process is the key element in ensuring a successful operation of rice business. We have developed an extensive & systematic infrastructure to ensure timely & qualitative procurement of the commodities. For this purpose, we have made arrangements with the key market makers for the rates as well as with the major rice dealers; thus ensuring timely & quality sourcing. The entire procurement process is physically supervised by our trained Purchasers and quality Analyst equipped with modern handy instruments followed by approval / confirmation from our in house state of the art Laboratory.
Transportation constitutes as a major external cost component in the rice business cycle. As an important cost control measure, we have made arrangements with the local Husking Units for husking as well as storage facilities in the catchment areas of the rice markets. Husking & basic cleaning activity close to the procurement location ensures that the quantities are reduced by more than 30% in volume load that needs to be carried to our premises for onward processing, finishing & export. The storage facilities made available at our disposal close to the procurement location also play a vital role in ensuring maximum holding capacity along with safeguarding the crop against deterioration in quality due to climatic hazards. The storage facility also allows us the necessary flexibility to hold the product while synchronizing the production capacity with the delivery / sales requirements